Get ready to ‘splode your load on this set of classics. Pretty much every classic thrash band is represented here (and hopefully many you haven’t heard of). These were the glory years of thrash, a genre that would essentially be dealt a death blow as grunge came on the scene. Although thrash has risen out of the ashes in the last few years, it is not quite the same as it once was. But enough ‘splaining, let’s get to the music (divided into four links due to size restrictions):

http://www.mediafire.com/file/zdlojznvj3b/Golden Age of Thrash Part I (1985-1986).zip

http://www.mediafire.com/file/rwjhtlziil4/Golden Age of Thrash Part II (1987).zip

http://www.mediafire.com/file/5mmoeohq0og/Golden Age of Thrash Part III (1988-1989).zip

http://www.mediafire.com/file/3dtubogdafj/Golden Age of Thrash Part IV (Addendum).zip

Part I

DestructionThe Ritual – Infernal Overkill (1985)
Along with Kreator and Sodom, a member of the so-called Teutonic trio of the mid-80’s German thrash scene.


KreatorTormentor – Endless Pain (1985)
Along with Sod…ok, you get the point. Kreator is considered thrash, but they are probably one of the earliest examples of what the kids call blackened thrash nowadays. Amazingly, they put out albums all throughout the 90’s, and in fact, just recently released their 12th LP in 2009 (“Hordes of Chaos”). Kudos Kreator.


OverkillKill at Command – Feel The Fire (1985)
One of the more theatrical thrash acts with Bobby “Blitz” at the helm vocally. Like Kreator, still going strong.


RazorCross Me Fool – Evil Invaders (1985)
Hails to our brothers north of the border keeping the fire of metal alive during those cold wintry nights. Razor are so fucking metal, they released two classic albums in 1985 alone.


DeathrowSlaughtered – Satan’s Gift (1986)
I hate when bands get labeled “second tier”, but alas, this German band is often overlooked compared to their Teutonic brothers. Not that the music suffers for it. This stuff is rather excellent and well worth seeking out for the true thrash fiends among you.


ExumerSilent Death – Possessed by Fire (1986)
The Germans really had this thrash thing nailed down. Exumer only put out two albums, but I’ll put this first one up with pretty much anything the genre has produced. One of my favorites.


Nuclear AssaultVengeance – Game Over (1986)
I remember listening to the album “Something Wicked” back in ’93 or so. I really hated it, and thought these guys were a joke. Well, time heals all wounds, and ameliorates most bad impressions, and that certainly applies to my opinion of Nuclear Assault. Game Over fucking owns (or pwns?).


Onslaught (UK)Fight With The Beast – The Force (1986)
One of the few decent thrash bands hailing from The Isle.


Part II

Blood FeastVenomous Death – Kill for Pleasure (1987)
One of the lesser knowns among this list. One of the most German-like of US thrash acts, meaning very aggressive and fast.


CoronerWhen Angels Die – R.I.P. (1987)
If you’re “in the know”, you know about Coroner. Perhaps, not coincidentally, these Swiss thrashers are known for their technicality. Coroner rank high on the list of thrash gods.


Infernäl MäjestySkeletons in the Closet РNone Shall Defy (1987)
Not as well known as their Canadian brethren Razor, but definitely worth a listen.


MessiahNero – Extreme Cold Weather (1987)
If Coroner were the Swiss clockmakers of thrash, Messiah could be called the Swiss version of…ah hell, I don’t have a good analogy here. They’re just fucking different…and evil as all hell. This is probably what black metal should sound like.


PapsmearVivisection – Lunch for the P.M.R.C. demo (1987)
My favorite little-known Vegas thrashers. It don’t get much thrashier than this.


SlayerAggressive Perfector – Reign in Blood (1986)
(Note: I realize I made a mistake with the date on this one. Fuck me.) Their reputation precedes them, of course. No doubt about it, Slayer were good, but I don’t think the music really lives up to the cred. You be the judge.


SodomBombenhagel – Persecution Mania (1987)
The third leg of the Teutonic trio. So German, it makes me want to eat a pretzel.


ToxikPain and Misery – World Circus (1987)
You’ll swear Mike Sanders is the inspiration for Rockso, “The Rock ‘n Roll Clown”.


WhiplashBurning of Atlanta – Ticket to Mayhem (1987)
I’m not just saying this because I currently call Atlanta my home, but this has got to be one of the best thrash song of all time. If any thrash song was ever meant to make you dance, this was it.


Part III

AnacrusisFrigid Bitch – Suffering Hour (1988)
So damn hard to find this album. Probably because those who have it are holding on for dear life.


AnnihilatorWicked Mystic – Alice in Hell (1989)
Canada always gets the short end of the hockey stick. Germany had the Teutonic Trio. The US had the “Big 4”. Well, fuck it, Canada gave the world Annihilator, Razor, Infernal Majesty, and Voivod (not to mention Anvil).


ExodusCorruption – Fabulous Disaster (1989)
And the award for goofiest cover goes to…Fabulous Disaster, indeed.


Hobb’s Angel of DeathThe Journey – Hobb’s Angel of Death (1988)
One of the most important bands in the history of Australian metal. Really. But what is the significance of Dio being on the cover? Hmmm….


Morbid SaintLock Up Your Children – Spectrum Of Death (1988)
Here’s a tip. If you’re name dropping bands in a metal forum, this is one of the best. Lock up those children!


RealmEleanor Rigby (Beatles cover) – Endless War (1988)
Yeah, that fucking Eleanor Rigby. You know, I would’ve put Xentrix’ cover of Ghostbusters in this mix, but it was from 1990. Shit.


Rigor MortisBodily Dismemberment – Rigor Mortis (1988)
These guys are untouchable in my book. Amazing.


Vio-LenceBodies on Bodies – Eternal Nightmare (1988)
One of the more unique thrash vocals, may remind you of Suicidal Tendencies. Vio-Lence is one of those bands that tends to polarize, so you’ll either love ’em or hate ’em. I quite like them, thank you, very much.


XentrixBalance of Power – Shattered Existence (1989)
I feel like this is the band that late-career Metallica most resembles, for better or worse. You really should hear their version of the Ghostbusters theme, though.


Part IV

ArtilleryThe Challenge – Terror Squad (1987)
Denmark. Represent.


AtrophyPreacher, Preacher – Socialized Hate (1988)


CarnivoreInner Conflict – Retaliation (1987)
Yeah, this is what Brooklyn thrash should sound like.


Dark AngelMerciless Death – Darkness Descends (1986)
Heav and aggressive as fuck.


Disciples of PowerIce Demons – Powertrap (1989)
Along with Papsmear, maybe the least known of all the bands here. It’s too bad, because these guys were really good.


HeathenDeath by Hanging – Breaking the Silence (1987)
Very technical, very clean for a thrash band. Has gained popularity in recent years, perhaps, due to the fact that you can download their albums for free on the interweb.


Num SkullMurder by The Minister – Ritually Abused (1988)
Not stupid thrash.


TyrranicidePull The Plug – God Save The Scene (1989)
Only put out one LP, but it’s pretty great. From Pleasanton, CA of all places.


VoivodForgotten In Space – Killing Technology (1987)

Saving the best for last, perhaps…Canadian thrashers par excellence, up there with Coroner in terms of musical chops. Their musical stylings would change up quite a bit over the years, but they left an immortal legacy with these first few albums.


That’s all for this time…next time…something else.



  1. I understand the relationship between the Messiah album title and the image they chose for the cover but wtf? I remember looking at it way back in the 90’s and thinking that bear was way too cute…

  2. RagnarR Says:

    Good mix. Like Tyrannicide, I’m from Pleasanton. Tho’ I never got to see them live. We were on different sides of town which might as well have been opposite ends of the earth. That said, their stuff has stood the test of time.

    Remember Canada also gave the world the original Slaughter! Listen to “Strappado” if you wanna hear a perfect blend of thrash and embyronic death metal.

    • dotdotslash Says:

      Thanks, man. You should check out my death metal mix – I put a song from Strappado in there.

  3. Hey! So I found your mixes a year after the fact! Great stuff!

  4. Indeed… I’ve been a longtime follower of the Black stuff (Guinness and Metal but not so much death/thrash except for Slayer maybe and some early Earache so this is some good exposure. Well done sir!

  5. pain in back of legs…


  6. I don’t know if I missed it but if this is the golden age of Thrash, then where were Sabbat? Their first album was amazing, I’m surprised you’ve missed them out.

    • Sabbat rocks. I probably left out hundred or thousands of bands. I’m not even sure I had heard Sabbat when I wrote this post over two years ago.

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