Here Goes Nothing

So, this is my first attempt at podcasting for public consumption. Hopefully, the excellence of the music will outweigh my novice attempts to provide commentary. My goal is to introduce the listener to metal bands past and present that may be unfamiliar or simply overlooked. What you’ll hear in the podcasts are the songs (duh) spliced with a little bit of intro/outro commentary sprinkled throughout – just like a radio show – only without the commercial interuptions. Over time my metal biases should become very obvious in these podcasts – in general, I tend to favor the “old school” of thrash, death, doom, and 2nd wave black metal. I can promise there will be absolutely no *core or nu-metal. I will only give you the best in no-bullshit, balls out, horns up – true metal. You deserve no less.

So, with that, let’s begin. In this first podcast, which is more like a test run, I’m keeping it short and sweet. 7 songs from 7 essential bands – all either thrash or death metal. Here’s the playlist:

  1. Sepultura – Inquisition Symphony – Schizophrenia
  2. Obituary – Redefine – World Demise
  3. Vio-Lence – Ageless Eyes – Eternal Nightmare (live)
  4. Nihilist – Shreds of Flesh – 1987-1989 (comp)
  5. Exumer – Journey to Oblivion – Possessed by Fire
  6. Celtic Frost – Into The Crypts of Rays – Morbid Tales
  7. Atheist – Piece of Time – Piece of Time

Mediafire download (mp3, 128 kbps)

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